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QS Series Shuttle Valves
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QS Series Shuttle Valves

QS Series Shuttle Valves

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  • QS series shuttle valves, port size 1/8" and 1/4". QS series shuttle valves, compact structgure, nice look with hard anodized body and laser printing. The shuttle valve is designed with seal ball inside, well polished, smooth and no edge, with perfect sealing performance. The seal ball can rapid change direction, make reliable sealing and simple working, it can be replaceable with the ES series shttle valve, but with better performance. This kind logic component is normally used before solenoid valve such the RV series etc, offering a better control performance of the whole system, according to the different request provide PT, G, or NPT threads.
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·Compact structure
 ·Nice outlook, with hard anodized body, laser printing
·Seal ball inside, rapid direction change, reliable sealing, simple working
·Polished seal ball, smooth and no edge, perfect sealing performance
 ·Replaceable with the old ES series

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